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I think we need a few themes to line up for the year? Any ideas? At the top of my head I am thinking of the following:

  1. Looking down
  2. Your Kit (that is to say what is in your bag)
  3. Object of affection ( a thing that you always take with you with )
  4. Colour (we choose a specific colour as a theme for a photograph)
  5. Self reflection (a reflection of yourself or whatever represents you)

That's all I got so far, what do you think? What else can we do?

Oh, I have other ideas of themes which could be tricky to pull off

  1. Calendar, we post each day of a specific month, like today we would post 'graphs that have a 5 in it (literally and metaphorically) and tomorrow we would do a 6, and so on and so on
  2. Dualism, a photograph of two things that oppose each other, e.g: fire and ice; day and night; love and hate, etc.
  3. Tag you are it. This is going to be tricky, but a 'grapher posts a 'graph and tags another 'grapher to post and extends the story from the previous 'grapher. I am not sure how we would do this.
  4. Manipulation. On this theme, we all share a single photograph, but we are only allowed to do some post production: lightroom or photoshop, to generate a different image. The idea would be to see how different we would all interpret the photograph.
  5. Flattery. The say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. I was thinking would it be possible to take a classic photograph of the past, say "the hector perterson june 16 photograph" and we all try to recreate it in this space and time. This we could run for a long time.

Your thoughts?

*ps: the design and development of a new 75 is in progress. eta: 2nd week of July. :-)

1ove, collaborates

  1. Sheri_G

    I like the "Tag you are it" theme... Sounds like fun!

  2. Lebogang Ditibane

    sudijons mentioned architectural on this shot: that would be a cool one too. i like number 3 and 5 on the "normal list" and 1 - 3 on the "tricky" parts.

    When do we begin...

  3. Mxolisi twentySeven

    I like:
    Looking down
    & Self-reflection

    Manipulation could be fun too. Sort of like Photoshop tennis on Flickr.

  4. lebogang nkoane


    @lebogang ditibane: we will begin when we have a consensus.

    I also think a theme every 3 to 4 weeks is better.

  5. Jeff Rikhotso

    Any Theme for me out of the above, we on. But i like Flattery, sounds more challenging and might be more interesting since it will be a collabo and involves more than just Jeff and his camera.

  6. Lebogang Ditibane

    flattery sounds awesome yes

  7. Lebo Shmoove

    I'm good with all the themes,i currently blew my external/backup drive. Lost all my photos, so i need to get out there and start shooting super hardcore :-[

    Via Manipulation - how would we get the raw file to manipulate, would the interested parties be emailed the file maybe?

  8. lebogang nkoane

    tjo! harde jo! jerr — there is no consoling lost photographs, none!

    on Manipulation: it will be share via dropbox, or email even. the trick would be for all of us keep mom 'bout it until we upload, that the guest that come here get surprised when we do it.

  9. Fluxd

    I like these when do we start ?

  10. lebogang nkoane

    I don't know yet, say from next week.

    We start with the easy ones then get to the tricky one's when the moment has moved.

    I'd suggest we do a theme at least every 3 weeks or at most every month?

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