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I don't normally do this — but, amma throw you a lil remix. In two thousand and eleven years we have famine, as a friend a put better:

… in the age of twitter we have famine?

So, I don't really know what I can do to help, what it would take, tragedy this big is always paralysing, the empathy is there, but what to actually do is always tricky, hell, I am just a geek.

This is Somalia

So, I have been scanning and waiting for something I think we can do to help and I am still looking for more ideas, in so far, here is what I have:

  1. keep Somalia in the dialogue, keep talking about it, until it annoys everybody into action, from tweets, status updates, blogs, casual conversations with the barmen, whatever it takes;
  2. I've been made aware today that Vodacom is willing to match whatever we donate through this ( 38207 ) number from R5 to R200, which goes to The Red Cross (South/Africa)
  3. Caprisel, has suggested we find a way to donate our photography through sales — I am not sure on the key details of Exhibition, could it be done through the next coming exhibition?

If you know of any movement to help please share it hear, so we can at the least keep a place for those who want to help and need a place to start.

1ove, move/meant.

  1. lebogang nkoane

    The Vodacom process is:

    … here is the process send an SMS to 38207 with multiple of R5’s to @vodacom’s Relief for Somalia.” 1ove, move/meant."


  2. caprisel

    :,/ i just read about the next exhibition now, we need more time to spread the word to potential clients who will be buying the work. and maybe funds for printing.

  3. lebogang nkoane

    true, but the Famine in Somalia will take awhile to sort out, so we will, continue longer over the exhibition.

    We will need ideas on printing— we could try persuade a company to sponsor or an individual, which ever works.

  4. caprisel


  5. Fluxd

    You could look at Nikon as a sponsor they just sponsored an exhibition for cancer like two weeks back they sold each print for R100 and some prints were simply on colour paper and most were A4 images, i hear they usually sponsor such exhibitions. Concerning printing well i dnt see how oone cannot cop up about 50 bucks to print some works which can be sold from at least 100 a pic, i think for whoevre can shell whatever they can towards printing images would be beneficial, all those few cents everybody has, put together can allow many prints to be printed. I can try find out how they got Nikon on board.

  6. lebogang nkoane


    Yeah, we could make it an easy-sale, type thing.

  7. Fluxd

    Exactly The challenge would be to getting people raving about the exhibition non stop until it happens so that when it does enough sales are made on exhibition day

  8. Uno

    Sorry for my cynicism but what Somalia needs is a political solution, not more money or food falling from the skies. That's what the international community has been doing for years. Has it changed anything?
    Shouldn't we focus our creative energy on our own backyard and look for other relevant causes closer to us?

  9. lebogang nkoane

    ok. fine.

    I had written a whole 9 paragraphs — but, this Somalia story, I lack the capacity to be rational — I am emotional about it, so I'd rather not speak now. Can we discuss that after the famine is dealt with?

  10. Diaan

    This might be going out on a limb... but I think the best things a photographer can do right now is to go there and take photos so the world can see what happens while they all fight about useless shit.

    Of course, getting the means to go there isn't easy. :/

  11. George Gladwin Matsheke

    Did the Vodacom donation and they replied with an sms saying its for Vodacom users only but they still took R10 from me - so I assume that will go Somalia ...

  12. lebogang nkoane

    Hmmm,,, isn't MTN doing anything?

  13. George Gladwin Matsheke

    Dont think so ...

  14. Jeff Rikhotso

    I am going to donate food parcels, we could do the real/physical thing in parallel.

    I will donate half the proceeds from my work sold at the next exhibition at Arts on Main.....while we figure other means to help.

  15. lebogang nkoane



    Well, you guys know the role i play best nyehehehhe!
    Put word out, graphers next exhibition this is it!


    eish news of the ongoing crisis keeps me compelled!

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