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  1. Until the dragons.

    • 05
    • Hello, Yet another year is closer to an end — I am not particularly sure how to feel about this year, but I know what I have in mind for next year and I also know I am far from the norm of how things are supposed to run. But, before I get into my pse […]

  2. B-A Yana-Yana-Yanas!

    • 07
    • Hello, I have said it in the last 4-10 months the site is due for an upgrade — make that an overhaul. I have planned for September to initiate that task. I am aiming to be done in  October. With that said, there is caveat: bread and butter — I […]

  1. JOZI | An Exhibition | 18-28th August

    • 13
    • Ole, Once again we have an exhibition with 4 'graphers for 10 days at Jozi Art Lab (Arts On Main). The brief: A photographic experience of Jozi, Johazrdous, JSection. The beauty, the skyline, the decay and the faces of Joburgs future generation. T […]

  2. Somalia, Africa.

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    • Olé, I don't normally do this — but, amma throw you a lil remix. In two thousand and eleven years we have famine, as a friend a put better: … in the age of twitter we have famine? So, I don't really know what I can do to help, what it would t […]

  1. 1/First Week / August / Exhibition

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    • Woop! Woop! Lerato, needs your mail? or skype (ok, maybe not skype). This could be a prelude to the Annual, yeah? 1ove, collaborates. […]