75th Exhibition: Cape Town

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Shy1 and Sam Buk are taking on the responsibility of putting together a 75 Exhibition in Cape Town. There is a few key things they need from us:

  1. The date: to be confirmed exactly but definitely pencil in the last week of November 2010 between Mon & Thurs.
  2. Concept: Open brief. The only limitation is space. (depending on the size of venue and the number of exhibitors) a set space size will be allocated before hand to each 'grapher of which they can put up whatever, however and as many photos as they like, including a title and narrative (ala-75 should they wish). 
  3. Look and Feel: In terms of the exhibition look and feel, we'll think of creative ways to try and incorporate the site's characteristics into it. 
  4. Logistics: 'graphers are responsible for printing and delivering their work to the exhibition site on the day and will be assisted by Sam Buk and Shy 1 to put it up. Alternative arrangements can be made should you be unable to:
    1. afford or be
    2. present.  

The important thing is we keep the dialogue going to make sure there's general consensus with any of the topics covered in the above note.

That's the jist of it.

Oh and we'll have to set a deadline and find a way to ascertain the exact numbers so we can forge ahead with finding and booking a space in advance.

What say you?

  1. Diaan

    I like the idea. In Pretoria though, so won't be able to be very involved.

  2. Uno

    I'm in, count on me for any help you need, from now until then and after : )

  3. lebogang nkoane

    @Uno — I'd suggest make contact with Shy1 & Sam Buk: they are championing this exhibition.

    @Diaan — would you like to exhibit though? We can do it like graduation: in Absentia.

  4. Sam Buk

    re: 4th point. logistics.

    we can make a plan diaan (and anybody else wanting to exhibit who does not reside in CT.)

  5. Mpumelelo

    I like the idea as well, but yeah,
    how are we gonna get the work to CT?

  6. Matt

    Is this over and above the exhibition that's taking place in CT/JHB in April 2011 ?

    Should we look at doing something in JHB as well ? I'd love to make it to CT, but alas I don't think funds are going to be "helpful"...

  7. Retha Ferguson

    I'm in Cape town! Moved here last week, and I've got some framed works that I want to get rid of.

  8. lebogang nkoane

    @Matt: that's a good question: we are to doing a CT/JHB simultaneous Exhibitions next year April. I suppose the April/2011 is a '75th Annual Exhibition': which might lend itself different to this one, ye?

    @Mpumi: I believe Sam/Shy got a plan for 'moving material' down for CT!

  9. yizzi25

    yes, yes, yes!!
    say, i wanna print like 10 photographs, how much would that cost?
    or is 10 photographs too many or too little?
    also, can anyone suggest a good printing house that does the framing as well,
    this should be very interesting,
    im really keen :)

  10. Greer

    sam & i will do the research into how much this may cost and we'll get back to you by monday. we need to have an idea of how many graphers are keen so please send an email to us at blkmarks@gmail.com by monday please.
    thanks xxxxxx

  11. Sam Buk

    hew we are back. sorry for not commenting earlier. i've been offline for a while.

    If anyone wants to exhibit who's not from cape town, the best option is to do an overnight courier to the address of the exhibition space, once that's been finalised.

    however, we'll need more response than this for us to go full steam ahead. we wait.

    @Uno. your assistance will be much appreciated.

    @Matt. it would be great to do a JHB/CT exhibition in April. we could even have a simulcast thing going.

    for now, look at this one (should it happen) as a curtain raiser :) to the big one.

  12. lebogang nkoane

    or we you could create another thread here: http://groups.google.com/group/75th-Exhibition-Book

    *it might facilitate tracking of conversation better as some reply to email better than web

    *just a thought

  13. Sam Buk

    awaiting approval from the owner...

  14. Neil Acid


  15. Sam Buk

    erm. current role call:

    sambuk, shy1, uno, nappy head, neil acid, retha, lebogang, yizzi, buchu, graduate, mpumelelo (maybe)...

    any other takers?

  16. lebogang nkoane

    There is a friend o' mine who is not on 75: but want to exhibit, is it open to that too?

    *fyi: they used to be on a 'grapher on 75 too.

  17. Sam Buk

    no doubt. bring em'!

    so that 11 in, 1 maybe...

  18. lebogang nkoane

    Cool, mail sent.

    Have fun.


  19. Uno

    I'm waiting on confirmation from Palapala, of course logistics play a big part in this, coming all the way from Maputo and all...

  20. Sam Buk

    add Thato to the list. the plot thickens...

    Palapala? for real? that would be fantastic. i really hope it happens.

  21. Greer

    who is thato.

    onelove? where you at?

  22. Sam Buk

    check mail. re: Thato

  23. Uno

    I don't think onelove will be connected to the internet or have time to check 75 today but I'll report back to her and let you know if she's in.

  24. Nappy Head

    hai bo. why was I not sent this email?

  25. Sam Buk

    follow: http://groups.google.com/group/75th-Exhibition-Book

    we'll have clarity on a venue by the end of the week

  26. Matt

    Hmmm....anyone from Jozi fancy a road trip to support our CT friends ? Could be fun.

  27. lebogang nkoane

    I agree. :)

  28. Nappy Head

    mmm... seems to be more going on here than in that google group qua this exhibition. anyone care to forward the email to me?

    Would be kewl for the Jhb peeps to come if U all can. What better way to get acquainted with the comrades?


  29. Sam Buk

    would be fantastic for the JHB peeps to come through if possible. we will have a venue finalized by this afternoon and then probable start a new feed to discuss logistics and other related matters.

  30. Greer

    Tentative date for the exhibition: Tuesday, 30 November at 38 special Gallery/Art Cafe in Buitenkant street, CPT CBD
    More details to follow.

  31. Diaan

    Road trip +1

  32. twiggle stix

    im down!
    But for any of the jhb catz who cant make it to cape town-im having an exhibition on the last week on the 20th at the alex theatre...looking for photographers who would love to exhibit their work and then what will do is we'll ship up ur pieces 2 cape town 4 the cape town exhibition
    please email me @ lljason@mail.com and cc to k.noinyane@googlemail.com
    thanks!(will send you more details thereafter)

  33. Sukum'ukhanye

    This is so cool! Seeing that I'll be in jhb for a while.

  34. tyga

    I'm in! :)

  35. Palapala

    Alo everybody.
    I tink on my side, because of logistic. and the resolution of my photos, i am out of the 75th Exhibition.
    Many tanks for the oportunity and i wish a great exhibition for all of the people of 75.
    Have nice weekend.

  36. lebogang nkoane

    It's cool —


  37. Neil Acid

    twiggle, i sent you an email regarding the exhibition. please do reply. =)

  38. Native Soul

    i love the Mobilization here, I wanna ask into
    how i can be off assistance, as i made an exhibtion
    in Cape Town, called MOPP ---month of peoples photography
    sometime ago, however i still know of some good people that can be of good help to the orginisers.

    and i wanted to know for howlong the exhibition would be up for , as i am planning to be in the city from around the 6th december ---- And do u all have any printers that is giving you a special price, if more thant say 4 to 8 people print there.

    I so would like to feature some of my work, but being so far away,I have to find the links to make this happen.

    so , let me know, i would like to help where i can, or as far as my reach goes.

  39. barnardinho

    Hey nativesoul - you were behind MOPP? Excellent initiative. I remember hearing of it, but think I missed it, sadly.

  40. Uno

    @nativesoul: from what I understand it would be a one night only event as preparation for the "big one" next year.

    Being so I think it makes it difficult for anyone to sell anything in order to make up for the printing... I was considering looking for a sponsorship from some of the main printers, if more people are interested we could join efforts.

    But before that we need to know how much space is available per grapher so that we can have an idea of how much work can we put up. I just feel that time is passing and we still need to choose photos, tweak them, look for sponsors, print and frame...

  41. Greer

    hey everyone.
    we will be posting an update of where we're @ later this afternoon. we need to confirm a few things with the curator.

  42. Nappy Head

    give updates. I'm gearing up to call drag queens about exposés yo.

  43. Morolong

    Looking forward to the one in Jo'burg.

  44. Neil Acid

    why was i told there won't be an exhibition in jhb this year, and that it is postponed to next year? =/

  45. Greer

    for the graphers who were keen to x-ibit please check your email inbox's and send any queries to tizah03@gmail.com. word.

  46. Native Soul

    just as a meta thought ----if this be the prototype exhibition for the big one next year, i have an idea that might simplify the exhibit--- AT out MOPP exhibition at the SANG(south afrikan national galley cape town, we made
    a space a room, which we called OPEN WALL, the concept was simple, we had a registration table and all was welcome all was invited, it worked out so good, many people came with their works on the day and made the effort to get it up and have dialogues with the viewers.

    here is the flyer

    i cant seem to find photos of the actual event, but i hope this illustrates the ease at which one can make the ownership of an exhibition be shared ...

  47. Sam Buk

    Hello good people.

    We are finally moving forward with the exhibition as planned at the 38 Special Gallery, 38 Buitenkant street, Cape Town

    16:30 for 19:00, 30 November 2010


    Our roll call counts 16+1 photographers in total

    We have managed to work out space allocation for each 'grapher so you can choose from the following sizes:

    *based on landscape proportions*

    one A1 image
    two A2 images
    four A3 images
    six A4 images

    Images need to be delivered to 38 Special by Tuesday the 23th of November and leave a delivery note with your name (alias) and title. 38 Special will label each work accordingly.

    38 uses a curtain rail style method with suspenders and clips to hang work up. This means there will be no need to incur additional expenses of framing your work. If your work is already framed, you may want to make sure it will work within 38's parameters by simply popping in there and confirm prior to submission date.

    The plan at the moment is to try and bring the 75 feel into the space. We have been in discussion with Lebogang for him to create a 75 interface especially for the exhibition with all our images uploaded on it. This will be projected on a screen for people to interact with, write comments and give hearts ala 75.

    Everybody will obviously have to send through digitalised versions of their images and a narrative if you wish to Lebogang prior.

    On the issue of printing. Is everybody able to afford to print their work?

    Should we do a collective print job and possibly qualify for discounted rates (will this spoil the anticipation of seeing each other's work at the exhibition bar lebogang who will be putting together the temporary site)? I saw comments about sponsorships for printing on (re comment number 40): http://75.co.za/journal/article/146.

    We haven't put much thought into this between myself and Greer but this may be a good time to discuss since we now have each other's email addresses.

    one more thing. Is it easier for you all to communicate this way i.e. "Reply to All" or is there another mechanism that would suite everybody?

    Okay, let's leave it there for now because this has been quite a mouthful already. as long as we're clear about the specs and deadlines, we are moving forward.

    Looking forward to your comments.


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