How to compile a book

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Its been awhile since I wrote, considering we have a launched a new version with new functionality.  The key thing being books.  Let me explain.

Books are a collection of photograph, that you as a grapher would like to put together, within your own defined narrative, topic or subject.

There are three types of books.

  1. Private books - these would be books that someone, organisation or company from outside of 75 would like to share with us.
  2. Public books - these books will allow anybody registered on 75 to constribute within the context of the topic the books is set.
  3. Grapher books - each grapher is granted 3 books per 75 set of photographs you have.

If you are a grapher, go to you grapher page (same  page where you can upload) --- then you will see books, then you should be able to add/create a book:

that however depends on how many photographs you have - that you have uploaded on the daily.

What is important to know, with respect to the grapher books, is that the following is assumed is how you would compile a book.

  1. create a book
  2. add photographs to the book
  3. once you are done: please ensure you set the book to 'published' --- otherwise nobody would be able to see it.

Unfortunately as things are right now --- you can't add tags to the books and the photographs in the book, nor can you show love to a book or the photographs in.  These would have a system wide implication which requires time to develop and design.

But, if these are things you would like me to develop, let me know.  Should your require further clarity, please let me know.

Oh, I am fully aware that the 'books' thing is not as perfect as it could be, but being that I am logical person first before creative, I tend to sacrifice functionality over form.

Your thoughts?

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