With green eggs and ham

an article.

I like my Apples like that, although I am not found of ham :).


Now that this, appears to be stable (or stabilising) --- let me get into the nitty gritty of things that MUST be done.

  1. deleting your profile (photography, comments, messages et al).  It might not make me happy, but it must be done: if you can get in, you should be able to get out with the same ease.
  2. opting in and out of the 'email' thing --- essentially I have to build, 'options', into the thing. (this will apply to receiving email when comments are made on your photographs, or somebody replies to your comment, etc.)
  3. Shopping:  I am not sure how many people want to buy photographs they see on 75 --- but, because one person (that is I) at least wants to, I will build it in. What is important to note is that, I am going for the bigger guns here: A4/A3 size photographs, the people at Silvertone gave me a figure of R268 (we will include packaging & shipping when we know how much it will all costs).  What I need from the 'graphers is to think about thow much you would charge for a photograph (I am assuming every photograph has it's own price, or it is priceless?).
  4. Books: yes, they are like 2 years due/over --- but it is the balance that one has to strike between moving the site forward and ensuring I can afford the costs thereof (just so you know: I am not sure how next months costs [R 3,470.63] will be paid, but I have my fingers crossed, my labour will bare fruit).  The books will give every 'grapher 3 books per 75 photographs: and you can upload 75 photographs on each book, essentially what facebook calls 'albums' (and flickr calls: sets) in our case I will assume: themed/essay type vibe, word? (the word book is taken from the phrase: a book on photography)

With all that said, there is a massive disclaimer:

I have been neglecting other projects (Studio83, PetrolBOMB, Miyela, 157, ttby, HIPPnotic, Formulr) whilst working on 75 --- my guilt is killing me, so I will be focusing on these projects before I even begin to start working on the above.

I hope you understand, and please feel free to let me know what your thoughts are on this and anything else that matters.

ps: with this version all the help you need is on the help page. It provides the core essential help you will need to navigate this site, when lost, we hope.

1ove, moved.


    does the upgrade not support IE6?

  1. lebogang nkoane

    Yep -- I am lazy to make ie6 work --- but at the same time, I haven't had time to test it on ie6 --- I have no idea what it looks like on ie6.

    *when I get home, I'll test it out.

  2. nhlanhla*

    amazing work!...do really dig the look&feel of certain functions on the upgrade, uhm you´re quite the visionary...the above seems exciting as well [shopping/book]...

    re: silvertone - is that price the standard for different printing surfaces/materials [cotton paper, matt, gloss, fabric etc...] that they have on offer or?

    respect on the work; keep building..


    p.s. i´ve been having ´problems´ checking out the site on firefox since the ´apple picking´ [am on a linux operating system]...resorted to the konqueror browser for now...anything i should change on my side perhaps?

  3. lebogang nkoane


    re: Silvertone; I am not sure, but I suspect, it will cost more, the more 'the material' changes, but when I get time (and money) I will test everything out.

    re: konqueror; I am not sure, but ideally you shouldn't have to change anything --- but if I could get a copy of Ubuntu, I'd install it and run proper testing,,,

  4. nhlanhla*

    good lookin´ - am headed out to silvertone end of this month sometime as well to do some test´s [2/3 prints]...will give feedback...

    strangely, before the upgrade the firefox worked better, now the konqueror surpasses it; no stress really...good thing...

    wealth of will*


    well i can still see all the pics and they are displayed vertically, aint no thing... i just like viewing the photography so its not a problem at all!!

  5. lebogang nkoane

    but, blogsta, why you using ie6? (when ie8 if i am not mistaken is forced/coerced upgrade by Micro$oft?)

    *i am home now --- i will get into it, and see what we can arrange. Word.

  6. lebogang nkoane

    @blogsta: I did some fixes --- almost everything should be okay (the refresher icon is gone on ie6: for some unexplainable reason, it does something that should not happen).

    my 2¢: upgrade your browser: not only for 75, but everything else on the web, and most importantly: your security/privacy (as I type this, I am trying to help a friend recover their 'hi/jacked' facebook and yahoo accounts) --- ie6 is not secure.

    @nhlanhla: I still could not find a copy of ubuntu, so I'll have to wait for that before I can do any work specifically for your OS.


    ohh it works now... well its the laptop i got at work but think i should upgrade it now cos i miss my tabs!


    decided to follow your advice and i'm on IE8, thanks :)

  7. lebogang nkoane


    75 should look/work, much, much, better.


  8. loymad

    me likey the book idea... me leary rikey.

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