75/Apples LIVÉ! (Again?)

an article.


This is the 75th Apples version.  The backend has changed drastically --- a few minute UI tweaks -- I haven't added a lot of functionality.  The objective of the update was to have a 'backend' I/we grow with.

It will be easier to add things as time moves along.

Like clock work, if you spot errors, let me know --- it will be appreciated.

*oh, the ajax/comment/delete doesn't work, yet --- I will fix that now --- internet explorer 6 is not supported at all.  Sorry. (and ie7 doesn't wanna place nice with all the kids, eish).

till tomorrow --- I need some sleep.

1ove, progression.

  1. æ

    yay! a new dawn!!! zum... err... hehe... I meant Lebogang, Lebogang!

    Happy daze on 75th apples!!!

  2. lebogang nkoane

    well, almost --- we got hit by some problems, which I am not actually sure, what they are --- but will see if they replicate.

    in essence I'm putting this 'stable', till it survives a week at the least.


  3. lebogang nkoane

    and, now it turns out ie8 doesn't work as well.

    *arggggg, I need my sleeeeeeeeeeeep.

  4. Daz

    I'll test in Firefox and Chrome. I don't play in the IE world if I can help it.

    Well done Lebogang ... Apple's LIVÉ!

  5. lebogang nkoane

    Ah, tested on ie8 (service pack 3) --- it seems okay, but Kunta/Kinte insists there is something wrong.



  6. lebogang nkoane

    ups and downs --- I honestly do not know why it keeps dying ---

    when I get home, I pulling out the an afro-comb and go through the code line, by line,,

  7. lebogang nkoane

    ol'right --- we figured it out --- it's not the code, well, not entirely.

    it's mysql --- something-about-something-that keeps queries in a 'lock(ed)' state.

    We are investigating why.

  8. lebogang nkoane

    Okay, I think we got it sorted, just a little bit.

    Now, we wait for tomorrow, peak traffic.

  9. lebogang nkoane

    It appears the problem was a very bad SQL JOIN query --- which rendered any other follow up query to que and wait for the JOIN to finish.

    I think I have it sorted --- but, we will test it out. Sadly I can't do it, coz of the 'role' I play within the site. So if anybody can try the 'messages' page and navigate throughout (reading threads, adding contacts, sending messages) then we will know if it worked.

    the query involved checking to see if you and 'a friend' are contacts --- that is to say it checked if you have made them a contact AND they too have made you their contact.

    that JOIN created a massive data response from the Database --- on the local dev machine there is only 20-30 pple, whereas on 75 there is about 300, so, 300 multiplied by 300 resulted 90,000 records being returned, hence the pseudo crashing of the site.

  10. seilatsatsi

    the new version is awesome

  11. lebogang nkoane


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