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  1. Workers Day! May Day! (theme): 30th April. (thursday)

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    • Hello, It has been awhile since we themed this here 75 --- and I think another theme is in order, no?At work. If you do decide to partake --- please, pretty please, tag your photograph with the phrase:may day1ove, collaboration. […]

  2. 02: Spirit of the times - 2008/2009

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    • Yes, 75th Celebrated.  It was good, it is good. Mad love to everybody and mad respect to the *noidFunk Family Abode for hosting, yet another 75th Celebration. With that, here is the Zeitgeist from the last time. Inside:4,756 love givenOutside59,04 […]

  1. 75th (2nd) Celebration

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    • Hello, Yes, yes, y'all --- 75 is 'bout to be 2 years old: 19th of April --- be the date. I am thinking a gathering (or slaughtering o' something organic and free range) is in order. I spoke to *noid (albeit I was not sober) about doing a setup at h […]

  2. Change is good?

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    • Hello, I intend to start working on a new 'version' of 75.  Primarily the plan is to implement 75 with a new 'framework' (geeky talk to say: a new system/technology to run tings). But, I do think, there is a lot more, that can be done, your though […]