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an article.

Hello! It has been a fantastic Black & White Week --- no doubt, no digity!  It was beautiful, I'll tell you what though:

I realised, I had to select and make a calculated decision on which photograph to post --- not every photograph works in black and white, that's how hard it was to find something to upload.

It was good --- though --- I suppose that is the point, to learn, to grow, to be a better 'grapher.

What is the next theme?  Any suggestions? I have a couple of ideas, but I want to  know what y'all are thinking we could do next.  At the top of my head is the World Aids Day (01 December):

I think we could do a 'one day' event.  Being that the AIDS ribbon is 'red': we could do a 'red themed' day, by posting photographs with a hint of red: the tone of the photograph or a object/subject in the photograph with the colour red (even photo-filters) type thing. What y'all think?

Whilst all of this was going down:

Liquid Fridge hook'd up a 75th Banner -- much love and respect to netbek. (as I typing this, Liquid Fridge also plugg'd the BWW08, again, much love+respect).

With that --- to thank all 'graphers for playing along during the B&W Week would be to understate the excitement and joy I got out of it --- alas, y'all 'graphers rock! (a sense of that overuse word, Ubuntu, is giving me that mushy-gooshy-ushy-stuff-feeling).

1ove, ubuntu.

  1. loymad
    I like th 01Dec Theme... all for it.
  2. twiggle stix
    Me too!
    BWW08 was a great week, 75 graphers turned it out!

    Congrats 75, this is a great family to in!
  3. Bareng Rakuba
    All the graphers that posted dit gr8. Have seen it all. Everything that was posted that week, kills me.
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