Hattip: Black background switch.

an article.

Okay, it's not truly an update --- but rather a 'tip' --- just in case you didn't know.

The thing about black and white photography is that --- sometimes, they look better on a black background --- now if you didn't know you can click (after the page has fully loaded) on the following icon (background switcher):

It is to the right of the photograph (next to the zoom icon with the plus sign [click on the zoom to see the photograph larger]).

Once done, you can click on the 'background switcher' to return to a white background --- same applies for the zoom icon (it will revert to the 'smaller' sized photograph).

Let me know if you need help, 'njoy.

1oving, the black & white week.

  1. ntsasa
    So is today the last day of bww08 vele?
  2. lebogang nkoane
    Yep. I'll write something up when I am sober.
    Enjoy weekend, ;-)
  3. seilatsatsi
    a good week it has been too
  4. ntsasa
    cool. thanks for a great week.
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