BWW 08: Black & White Week.

an article.

Alo, the black and white week starts now (or rather has started: Makhaya's Itshintsh'Ikhona*).

I was thinking, if you don't mind, you could add the following tag to your 'graph


(meaning black and white week 2008, assuming they might be more in the following years)

That way, one can following the 'graphs  as they get uploaded using the following:


Alas, I am excited --- like Suavé would say:

lets get it on!

1ove, collaboration.

  1. analiza
    YAY, been looking forward to this all week :)
  2. seilatsatsi
    im lovin it already
  3. seilatsatsi
    any ideas on what the next theme shud be? if possible can we work the nex theme out say maybe by wednesday so that we can start preparin ahead for the coming week.
  4. lebogang nkoane
    I don't know yet - I'll holla on Saturday, once the B&W Week is done.

    What do you think, should be next 'theme'?
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