Black and White Week: 06/10 - 10/10

an article.

Alright, I am excited about this idea, fingers crossed y'all are too --- Twiggle and I have agreed (or rather discussed on Collaboration Anyone?) we should have a black and white week as from next week, for 5 days.

What that means, is that for the 5 days from next week Monday (6th October), all 'graphers are 'persuaded' (never coerced) to post black and white photography.

You down?  If not, it's kewl: liberté, toujours (liberty, always).  If you have other ideas we could do, holla back!

I was thinking, say every month, for one week (5 days) we follow a theme, or even on one day (like Heritage Day), what say y'all?

Without being a hypocrite, the 'theme/tasks/essays' are not binding to anybody, only those who want to partake, no pressure on anybody to try and dive knee deep into hillbrow to get a jo'burg skyline.

1ove, collaboration.

  1. seilatsatsi
    a dope idea mos def. im down
  2. Khumbelo
    the illest.

    love the idea | you guys rock.
  3. æ
    ayeye right now
  4. analiza
    Count me in :)
  5. Stefanie Jason
    I'm down like brandy.
  6. Mario
    Count me in
  7. Makhaya
    *searching for b&w film to develop. wait for me!
  8. Dewdrop
    Genius idea!!
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