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  1. Who got next?

    • 03
    • Hello! It has been a fantastic Black & White Week --- no doubt, no digity!  It was beautiful, I'll tell you what though:I realised, I had to select and make a calculated decision on which photograph to post --- not every photograph works in black and wh […]

  2. Hattip: Black background switch.

    • 04
    • Okay, it's not truly an update --- but rather a 'tip' --- just in case you didn't know. The thing about black and white photography is that --- sometimes, they look better on a black background --- now if you didn't know you can click (after the page […]

  1. BWW 08: Black & White Week.

    • 04
    • Alo, the black and white week starts now (or rather has started: Makhaya's Itshintsh'Ikhona*). I was thinking, if you don't mind, you could add the following tag to your 'graphbww08 (meaning black and white week 2008, assuming they might be more in […]

  2. Black and White Week: 06/10 - 10/10

    • 08
    • Alright, I am excited about this idea, fingers crossed y'all are too --- Twiggle and I have agreed (or rather discussed on Collaboration Anyone?) we should have a black and white week as from next week, for 5 days.What that means, is that for the 5 days […]