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I think it was early this year, that twiggle stix, asked me how a photograph of his got onto some other site.  So, here is my 2¢ on how to protect ya 'crown jewels'.


there is no way, no how you can 100% protect anything from piracy online.

That literally means, if you don't want your ish to be jacked, don't publish it --- it's like that thing that celebrities do when they find out their 'consenting adult activity video tape' is cruising the 'informed super (perverted) highway'.

What I have done, is make the 'original' photograph not accessible through the web. That is to say nobody can view the photograph you originally upload

oh btw, by virtue of anything being viewed online means, it has already been downloaded.

what can be seen/viewed

  • the thumbnail (75px wide),
  • preview (320px),
  • medium (600px)
  • and large (800px)

that means, even if they do decide to jack it, they won't be able to get the 'good quality' ish.

And, that's the most I can do from my side --- unless I make the entire site 'blocked and only registered' people can view stuff --- but, that won't be fun.

What you can do is:

  1. Resize the initial photograph (if possible), to at least 800px (so larger view can be possible?).
  2. Drop the quality of the photograph to 'screen viewable'
  3. If you can't handle a slight chance of somebody jacking that prized-award-winning-photograph don't upload it (i know it sounds counter-productive), but like momma said: better be safe, than sorry [lets be ready --- The Fugees].

I think that should do it.  If however you do spot a photograph of yours or anybodies being used elsewhere on the intewebs, without permission, let me know if you have a problem with, (like me I don't really care if my photography is used, for as long as they credit the source: *hint, hint).

I do go through the site logs, every week, to see if anybody is 'jacking' anything --- so I will advise as I find ish.

Word, is bondage.

1ove, originality.

  1. twiggle stix
    Nice! Lebogang!
  2. Khumbelo
  3. Bareng Rakuba
    Mafoko a gago a utlwala/utlwagala, Lebogang.
    What you can do is ensure that your copyright is embedded into the file, this can be done using Photoshop or a handful of image editing files.

    Secondly, ensure the copyright is All rights reserved. Sorry Lebogang, but the hippy inspired Creative Commons license is a pile of wank when it comes to protecting your copyright.

    This doesn't automatically protect your images, hell even national magazines use images without your permission, but it does mean you have a legal path to take if you find it happening.
    I've added this note
  4. noidSyStems
    Sure ... I hear that ... I've gone to photography sites where when you right click a small window comes up saying DO NOT STEAL ...

    Cnt you add that script on ... maybe ... maybe ...

    the problem with that is it's easily bypassed, if the image is rendered in the browser, it has already been downloaded.
  5. lebogang nkoane
    noidSystem --- if you are using firefox, disable javascript, bada-bing-bada-bang the 'pop-up' appears no more, and you can download. (or you can view the source to find the img tag for the pic you want and use its url to get it --- image download crawlers work like that)

    Then there is those 'flash based' site --- if you are like me (a web developer) you are on firefox and you got firebug --- it shows you all the files being downloaded, right click on photograph, bada-bing-bada-bang you can view/download it.

    The truth is, as Daniel said: the minute you the user(viewer) can see something on a website, it's already on your computer, you just have to figure out where it is, and you can keep it, illegally.

    I know, I'm exposing the ways of the 'dark side of the force' but like Grisham (CSI:LasVegas) said: "Everybody learns from science."

  6. lebogang nkoane
    Oh, another thing --- disabling right-clicking is breaking the very thing a browser is made to do --- that breaks web standards and accessibility --- and i vow on my last semi-colon (geek joke) I'll never break standards just to do something.

    At the end, you are left with making sure you have informed people of the copyright attached to your 'work' --- and you rest in hope that everybody will respect that. If you see the benefit of chasing down a 'the owner of a photo-site' in the middle of Ukraine who lives in his/her mom's basement, sure, go ahead --- cnn/m&g on the other hand, might be worth, tracking down.

    *retreats, further.
  7. noidSyStems
    Jeez ok dudes ...

    But a lot ordinary pips didnt know that and their are the jackers.

    *slides back
  8. Native Soul
    sharing is caring
    pirarcy is never gonna go away.

    free culture, remake , remix realities
    overlap bounderies,enlarge or reduce
    the norms ----- free culture,

    embrace it
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