A few, other things, you might need to know -- Part 3: The Weekend Update.

an article.

Okay, you know if I was 'fully fledged' software development house, the house would be a mess --- I think I fixed a lot of things that I said I was going to but, ended doing other things that created other problems to fix.

In short, I am not exactly sure what I fixed and I what I didn't, but here is what I am sure of.

  1. Viewing on black - the icons now look smoother and cleaner -- that's because I'm suing PNG 24 bit (not sure if all browsers can view that, but it's been a standard for quite some time now)
  2. When somebody makes you a contact you will receive a message from Tobor Metsys to inform you -- Tobor is the 75th.Robot that does all the 'geeky/nerdy/technical' talking and stuff.
  3. When you go to messages and and compose, you will find me on the list regardless if I am your contact or not --- that way you can send me messages of things you need fixed --- and I too will use the messaging system to inform you, individually of anything specific to you.
  4. Photography dialogue has been reduced to just thumbnails with the total number of comments for each 'graph -- that long list thing is gone, didn't make sense -- which is also good in terms of 'load balancing'.
  5. I found out if you were new to 75 and you tried to change/upload your profile picture you'd fail, but I think that is also fixed, so check it out and let me know if it doesn't.
  6. The camera data was wrong, it was using this year's date instead of when the photograph was taken. --- with that you will notice I removed the full date of when the picture was taken --- call me paranoid but if you know the 'grapher (personally) and you know the subjects in the photograph and you can tell when it was taken --- then you know what and where they might have been and what they have been doing --- stalker 102, right?  So, I had to hide the rest of the detail, privacy is everything, right?

That should do it --- However, I do I have a question:

Would y'all mind if I removed the 'our dialogue' from the home page and replaced it with the 'latest' notes?

I found out by trying to place some 'notes' on the home page, created a 'not-so-pretty' interface --- either 'notes' or dialogue can afford that space, not both.  Your thoughts?

and with that --- to a brand new week, and I gotta go back and 'start earning my keep' --- till the next weekend, assuming there will be some more things to fix.

1ove, movement.

  1. Bareng Rakuba
    photographs and dialogue are things that keeps Gamma alive and going. And most graphers are involved in a dialogue before/after uploading. so in my own opinion I would say: keep it where it is. But hey...what do I know?
  2. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
    I'd advice you not to replace 'our dialogue' section on the homepage.

    75 is all about sharing and showcasing photography in the 1st place, so I think 'uploaded' photographs (and graphers' views on the photo) should still be the user interface's priority.

    While 'notes' also adds value, I doubt they will be as important to the graphers as the dialogue.
    Don't get me wrong I love the 'notes' section, I think it adds value to the site
    A visitor will not always have the time to go through all the new photographs - and I think sometimes the number of comments (shown on the 'dialogue') plays a crucial role in attracting the visitor to particular uploads.

    And I doubt new 'notes' will be as frequent as new views in the 'dialogue'...I'd say let graphers, share and view photographs + comments THEN feed them with knowledge.
    *I hope that made sense, I'm quite bad in scribing my thought
  3. Khumbelo
    i agree...i too think "our dialogue" belongs where it is now.
    that's the first thing i look at... and i like to view the photographs that create the most dialogue :)
    honestly i had never looked at the notes tab till u mentioned it now so my vote is to keep the dialogue on the home page!!
  4. loymad
    I don't know about you guys... but all that computer jargon flew right over my head... but the sight looks real pwitty
  5. lebza
    The site looks preety cool but I had a few problems;the site was too slow and a bit unresponsive!
  6. lebogang nkoane
    lebza --- you will need to explain further.

    un-response, to? when you do what? what are you doing? where are you doing it?

    you follow?

    from where I'm sitting (3g.vodacom and iburst) it's not slow, pretty dam fast I must say).
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