All you might need to know - Part 2.

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Hello, I have recuperated, I'm fresh and I am bored --- I am procrastinating work I need to do, but hey.  Herewith is the second part to what has changed since .Gamma got introduced.

From a development perspective --- the entire site (code and design) was re-written from scratch, character by character, line by line --- the point of it all is that I wanted to build something that one can build on, as time moves on as new ideas come alive. (I think the design pattern is called: modular design; but I graduated in 2004, so I don't know the lingo, very much, anymore)

ps: I still haven't fixed that loss of 'web addresses'.  I aim for the end of the weekend to fix it.


  1. As things are there is about 13 thousand tags in the system --- and because of that I doubt anybody will be going through them, beside tags make sense in context to an object they describe (a photograph, a note or an article).
  2. So, for each 'grapher the listed tags a limited to 75 (cheesy huh) --- this I suppose should give a 'good enough' snap-shot of what tags a popular for a specific grapher.
  3. Tags can now be subscribed to via RSS feeds --- that is to say you can go to photography/tag/sunset/feed and you will get an RSS feed for the photographs tagged as such, and if it is your 'obsession' you can follow it as photographs tagged as such a uploaded. (this can also be applied to a specific 'grapher)


  1. The title, the story, the tags are no longer mandatory.  You just have to select a file, then upload --- if you did tag your photographs and the tags were in an invalid format, your upload will go through, but it won't have the tags --- this way, after waiting 10 mins or so for your photograph to upload, you don't go through the process of 're-uploading' just to get the tags right --- you can correct them after.
  2. If a photograph is not titled, when you uploaded it it will be labelled: untitled --- I know there is a collective need not to title photographs --- but it makes 'the searching' of photographs a bit impossible if there are not titles --- but if you insist, I can make make the system accommodate the need for no titles, it's your call.

'Grapher space

  1. almost anything that a 'grapher can do is shown on your grapher space: uploading, inviting, writing new notes and compiling a book (this is not yet available, but will come at some point in the future)
  2. then there that thing called 'biography' --- this too can be edited from the actual page you see it at (if you want to that is)
  3. in the future versions --- all notes a grapher has written will be localised to a grapher
  4. what I am aiming with this 'grapher space --- is that each space should be self-contained and self-sustaining almost like a micro-site within the greater (how we dream, huh?) 75 site?

August Plans

Firstly, I want to do 'weekly' small fixes or upgrades over the weekends that will follow, I find that easier to manage.  The following are what I want to complete come end of August.

  1. Sending a message when somebody makes you their contact --- that way you can know that you have 'been made' so to speak and you can respond accordingly if you want.
  2. Putting the latest notes on the front-page, I hadn't designed the interface with that in mind --- but it seems to make sense now, interesting information is being shared right now, and it deserves to be 'disseminated' accordingly.
  3. Photography Dialogue -- I think the listing of the actually comment/dialogue of a photograph in the 'dialogue' pages is a bit too much --- so I am going to summarise that information with just the thumbnail and the total 'comments' on each photograph.
  4. Fix some small design glitches:
    1. Opera lists tags in one sequence of lines, I don't know why, but it does.
    2. The profile icon of a 'non-'grapher' looks weird with the plus sign next to it.
    3. fix the icons on 'viewing' on black to render cleaner
  5. Books -- get them working, I hope end of August will it, but I suspect not

Okay, I think that should do it.  Enjoy the weekend, celebrate women's day.

PS: if you spot anything out of the ordinary, please let me know --- I know I am pedantic, but I need details what the problem is, for me to figure it out, so supply as much information as you can, and I will be able to help you out.

Just so you know, I generally sleep at 3 or 4am and wake up at 11am or 12pm --- so if I don't respond during that time, you should know, I'm still recharging.



    carry on sir.

    ps: i see you're on my sleep cycle now. i warned you, it's a slippery slope...

  1. Bareng Rakuba

    I always go through tags if I want to find a specific pic. Tags are cool for me....I think.


    ur inspirational... ur detail & all is admirable!!! :)

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