The true, update --- All you might need to know. Part 1.

an article.

Alright, okay! It looks like .Gamma is holding up ---  So, I figure before I pass-out and wake up after Scrubs has played (fingers crossed I don't) --- let break down what when into this.

Here we go:


  1. First and foremost --- I've thought long and hard 'bout this --- but I think it makes sense to position 75 with a focus on fotography and not, just pictures nje, but that interpretation of what a photography is to you, is left to what you can formulate with the thousand words.
  2. With that said, what I wanted to do is focus primarily on 'the 'grapher and his artwork --- i'm not there yet, but was the driving 'force' behind this 'design.


  1. Firstly, you will notice that, I've used a lot of 'grey' icons --- the reason for that is, the more colours on screen, the less one's eyes focus on the photography --- it's inherent human nature.
  2. Now, those very same icons, need a bit o' clean though
  3. Black background --- I hate explaining where button's are on the screen --- but you'll notice it to the right of the photograph --- the aim, is that some photographs, just look better on a black back ground.
  4. With that said --- the icons-lack-of-decency falls apart when viewing through a black background.
  5. "I said bigger" - Chamellion.  Next to that 'black background' there is a zoom 'button' to enlarge the photograph --- it goes to a max of 800px --- anything else eff's with the design, and I am pedentic 'bout design. (oh this also means, original photography is no longer viewable --- bandwidth consumption and piracy*)
  6. Previews -- If I am right, anywhere you see a collection of photographs you can preview them --- you'll notice a weird lookin' icon bottom-left (screems JamAlley contestant) of a every thumbnail in that collection.
  7. That preview  begged the question of the need of a 'slide show' --- they will be put into the books, when the 'books get openned'


Firsly, I'd like to apologise for 'loosing' everybody's 'web address' --- the script I ran to update the DB was an old one with an error --- I will work it tomorrow (the old DB is still there)

  1. Messages --- that messenging thing magic is on --- the catch is You+Friend have to be contacts to each other to be able to communicae --- as things are (such is the world of half-dropp't products) --- you won't know if somebody did, unless you go /contacts/requests
  2. Ipso, facto contacts covered, ja?
  3. How to add a contact --- if you are logged in, every single person is up for "grab's" --- the 'orange' plus sign below their icon --- just because you can add somebody as a contact, does not mean, they will accept yours --- just know that.  I understand pple 'value' their anonymity, I'd hate to violate that.


  1. Firstly, the brand ID had to change --- I couldn't move far from the original one, but I need something clean ---
  2. The 'tag' line had to go: 'everyday photography' --- sounded like I was trying to win a tender --- I'm still working on the 'a new tagline', but for now, 'photography' would do.
  3. Why orange and blue? I realised 'brown' links are hard to see, in a see of black fonts ---


  1. Well, you see, I thought since we 'love' photography --- we might wanna share that photography --- I think Bra Dan did post something about 'metering' light and the likes --- but got deleted or the system needs checking.
  2. Again, the focus in on 'Graphers --- only they can 'write' notes --- at any given time.

-------------- err, err, I'm loosing my chain of thought.  I continue this when I've fully rested and fresh.

Oh -- no support for Internet Explorer 6 and lower --- the effort it would take to make this work on that browser is more than it would a person to upgrade their browser to Internet Explorer 7 (or even better dowload firefox?)

A celebration is in order, je suis pense.  Any problems you sport, please Say Hello[at]

Good good day, and good nite. (I apologise in advance for bad grammar and spelling --- I'm way to 'out of mind' to know what is right or wrong) *hugs and kisses <-- see?

1ove, moving along.

  1. noidSyStems

    I'm not hugging you nor kissing ...
    But I'll give a big pound aya ...

    Looks fresh ... loads nicely ... .Gamma

    Improvements are always good ... So where are we celebrating this well deserved hard work ... I would say my house BUT hai le tlang stalker ... !


  2. seilatsatsi

    just one Q - does inviting sum1 mean that they will get to know all ur info, like ur mail ady n stuff?

  3. Stefanie Jason

    yes! i cosign on the celebration part
    tonight i will have just 1 tot of Tanqueray on behalf of this feat. lol

  4. NguJaz

    congratulations lebogang.
    you deserve the sleep.

  5. lebogang nkoane

    Seilatsatsi --- nope. But, you will need to know their email address --- ipso facto it means you would know them, if not then chances are you will be labelled a spammer (a lighter term than a stalker, ;)

  6. rudzani

    Well done lebogang. I think I have Explorer 6 :-( I deliberately have been trying to keep all things old because they worked better. What do you mean no support for it? Is that why I am generating all these error messages??

  7. lebogang nkoane

    Ru, most likely.

    I didn't and haven't see what the site looks like on ie6.

    I think, you can get away with installing firefox on your computer than upgrading to ie7 --- and I tell you what you will have a better internet experience (and much much safer).

    The reason why I am not support ie6 is that --- it doesn't follow web standards and I refuse to break standards just to get the thing to work on ie6.

    Sorry, 'bout that --- but it's a gamble I had to make.

  8. rudzani

    ANd what have we left here? The "love" we put up no longer adds up. What's going on?

  9. lebogang nkoane

    Rudzani, explain?

  10. noidSyStems

    Yeah PLEAZE explain ...

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