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  1. The true, update --- All you might need to know. Part 1.

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    • Alright, okay! It looks like .Gamma is holding up ---  So, I figure before I pass-out and wake up after Scrubs has played (fingers crossed I don't) --- let break down what when into this. Here we go: GraphersFirst and foremost --- I've thought lon […]

  2. Days go by and still I think of you.

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    • Phew, I am more happier now, than I was this morning --- I done finish .Gamma --- well most of it is done.  Feels good,  look around, feel around, let me know how you feel 'bout it. Dirty Vegas - Days go by. I'll return with a proper post. […]

  1. About to go .Gamma --- [README.TXT]

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    • Okay, that moment of o' truth (Gangstarr) --- At 09h30, roughly and hour from now, I will take down the site for an 'upgrade'. It will return no later than 10h30. I pwomise. So ja, the routine is --- you won't have access to the site --- anything you […]