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  1. The Down Times

    • 04
    • Hello, well, the server was down for about an hour --- and it had nothing to do with me or the server ---- but a firewall that runs in the data centre (in Gallo Manor, Johannesburg) was not doing what it' suppose to. Now, when that happens there is no […]

  2. Web Addicted

    • 11
    • Okay, it's going to get tougher and more mandane to the point where I will come across as bieng 'modest' --- but we got Web AddiCT(s). It is good --- I must confess there is only so much one can say, I suppose it's the curse of getting used to the lov […]

  1. Spirit of the time -- 2007/08

    • 08
    • Yay --- the 75th Anniversary was, well, absolutely beautiful --- there is something inherently good about 75 that even trying to pen to words is to limit it to a definition --- Mad love, mad respect to everybody and I mean ai'body! But, now, I will b […]

  2. HIPPnotic 75th Celebration.

    • 01
    • Ahem, the people at 75th Celebration  Terms and conditions apply*, ;-) * You have to be a registered  75 'grapher with al least one photo upload, you can choose any local or import beer, or fruit juice.Yaaaaaaaaay!19th April. Gin, Greenside -- Johan […]

  1. We Celebrate

    • 13
    • Okay, 'the people have spoken' --- We is meeting up on the 19th of April (this year) at Gin in Greenside, Johannesburg (one day when 75 is huge we will be everywhere in the country, promise). Here are the details:Gin is located event details are here […]