75 yan'Jova!

an article.

Okay, that is way too cheesy --- but Jova done did a story on 75 --- hence the title, ;-)  Exciting times, interesting times.

and I think it's time I worked in that press release, so I don't get the stories twisted --- gotta tell the same story right, all the the time.  Most importantly, I think this should be the last I answer questions, I'd like to remain in the 'background' --- Would any of y'all 'graphers mind if I asked you to 'respond' to media requests?

I wonder though, would it ever get to a point where, we get used to it? I wonder, hope not, coz then humility is no more.

*heres to all, cheers!

ps: 1 year Anniversary comming up, 19th April --- we need to slaughter sommin'!



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  1. NguJaz

    *here's to slaughtering som'!!!

  2. æ

    lamb on the spit?

  3. seilatsatsi

    i can drink to that

  4. Makhaya

    i was meaning to ask why 75 is called 75---now i know, and its super.

  5. Ovidius Nkoane

    congrats on the Jova expo boet.


    right on! nice one ld.

  6. Max Mogale

    Halala LD! Chesa!!

  7. Khumbelo

    congrats to y'all once again. i fink we must do a lil something something on the 19th of April...(celebrate)?

  8. twiggle stix

    I've got my overalls ready, startin to sharpin my oukappie.
    Halala 19th!

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