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  1. An end to another year.

    • 06
    • Alo, alo, alo! (avoiding father chirstmas' normal greeting, ;-).  The year is almost, over, just almost.  With that I thought it be prudent I wish y'all a good festive season and an inspired new year. I am officially, going to be offline till next y […]

  2. Hands off?

    • 05
    • Alo! I believe we are to have a themed day tomorrow? The theme being:Hands.I am not so sure --- I suspect a lot of people are on holiday/leave/offline.  So, would it be not better to move this theme to next year? Your thoughts? 1ove, collaborat […]

  1. Up and down we go

    • 02
    • Hello!  The server was not accessible (not down) from 7pm yesterday to now, I honestly do not know why, I spent a great deal of this morning trying to figure it out. But, Johan (thank you for your patience) from Hetzner --- helped me get access to it […]

  2. 1,002,704 Mark!

    • 11
    • Yes, yes, y'all --- it's official, since 01 January 2008 to today (03 December) --- we have gone past the 1 million page views.  Boooyaaaaaaaa! At least this means, since Janaury 2008, photographs on 75 have been viewed 1,002,704 times! ;-)But, the off […]

  1. Beauty in red

    • 04
    • It was indeed a beautiful day, Rudzani to try colour again.Mad, love, respect to everybody. Merci! PS: I have  lot more words to write, but as things are right now, my morale is low --- so I will return to write more when the 'stars and moon' align t […]