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Okay, it appears, quite a few people have experienced problems with uploading photographs, alpha version is not good, which means now I'll have to launch 'Beta' this weekend.

Eish, when it rains it pours.  May I then ask that you let me know should you have experienced problems before and should they happen again, I will make sure this weekend we are flying high/low on 'Beta' which should solve these problems.

The major source of problems, ironicaly it's cellphones, they tend to corrupt the 'jpeg' data of the photograph, and thus 75-System does not know how to deal with it. A work-around  (I hate work-arounds, things should just work), you will have to open your 'photograph' with photoshop (or similar application) then save it, again, as a jpeg, then upload it.


* I r not happy, but alas, I suppose now I have motive and opportunity to move to beta. 

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  1. lebogang nkoane

    It appears, I will have to do a double, update, first the technology (as the application) then the 'design'.

    Ja, ne, tse dibotloko ga di fele.

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