an article.

If you don't read any of the articles I write here, make sure you read this one.  It is about harmony, the success of failure of this project does not rely on the technology or market penetration, but the harmony in the enviroment.

As some of you  might have noticed, the photograph titled, 'Can I have some cake' was removed by the photographer, for reason that are justified.  Now that scenario posed a 'moral' question, that I asked about once on Sinah, but what I believe to be moral is what I think is moral which would be different to you.

So in the spirit of Ubuntu, I want this project to be good, in the utilitarian sense of the word, Ubuntu.  If you don't like a photographer and/or a photograph, keep your disctructive criticism out of the project, this project is about growth, be constructive or don't participate, change the channel, simple as that.

But, should you think the photograph is offensive (or a violation of some law), right now the best you can do is to let me know, and I will let the photographer know and the discourse will occur outside of the project, and hopefully you and the photographer can reach an amicable (compromised) conclusion.

I would prefer that I am not included in those discussions, but as the system stands, the only point of seperation between you and the photographer is me, unless you know the photographer, personally.

If this fails to be adhered to, I will have to close off registration, and only after I have released, the 'beta version', due end of May or early June, depending when I find time.

So, ja, I will also put this link on the 'registration' page, and it will be assumed, by interacting with site, you agree to it.

I hate talking like a lawyer, so ja, let this be fun, hau!


Hello, Moeti.

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