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  1. The Move

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    • Hello, everybody! The movement from 'alpha' will, mos definitely, unless there is a power-failure, happen this weekend.  Meaning that from Friday night to Monday morning, the site might be off-line all together. So, if you spot the, off-line messa […]

  2. Upload Problems

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    • Okay, it appears, quite a few people have experienced problems with uploading photographs, alpha version is not good, which means now I'll have to launch 'Beta' this weekend. Eish, when it rains it pours.  May I then ask that you let me know should y […]

  1. 75, Interrupted

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    • Err, remember last week I said I will be moving the server this coming weekend, well, err, I actually did that last weekend on Friday night, which meant 75 was not available from Friday night to Saturday night. I could not check on Sunday morning if e […]

  2. Moving Along

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    • Oh ja, If I was a dj I'd say, I've been digging in the crates.  I have managed to complete the 'beta' version, I am only left with a redesign, which will include some of the suggestions I got, and then some. Alas, I still need to move this site onto […]

  1. SA Science Lens Photographic Competition

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    • Aha, the competition is up again, deadline is September 2007.  If you win, you get a Canon 400D (that's the camera I use) Digital Camera (with the lens). I think, one of us can win this? What you think?  You can check out the previous winners, to gr […]