3rd Wave Cru

3rd Wave Cru

like i said i'd upload a few shots from my last shoot with Hip-Hop Crew 3rd Wave, here we are.....for those who do not know, the guy with the vinyls is our very own 75er, GameBoy.

12h07 Wednesday
13, October
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  • NIKON D5000
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  1. Mpumelelo


  2. Neil Acid


  3. Jeff Rikhotso

    Thanks Acid, yo Mpumi, where u at homie, u good?

  4. Mpumelelo

    Yoh I'm good man, just #hiding... are you good J?

  5. Diaan

    Tuff guys, hehe.

  6. Palapala

    A nice pic

  7. Daz

    Hey, howz things @GameBoy ... good to see you!

  8. Kamogelo Mogashoa


  9. lebogang nkoane

    Shem Pheenix ain't go get no groupie love, huh? (f7)

  10. Jeff Rikhotso

    Ha ha ha, Pheenix, maybe he get'n some Groupie lurv in CT.

  11. caprisel

    fwesh cool Tees Charlie Brown and the cookies monster

  12. Kunta Kinte


  13. Nokulunga Msomi

    1852!, 1852! This cru is illin', certainly going places.
    Love the pic @Jeff

  14. Maritha

    Stunning, love the energy

  15. Nappy Head

    Interesting. 75 has quite a few 'cliques' ne :)

  16. Khumbelo


  17. Jeff Rikhotso

    Thanks Yall, Hey Caprisel, u kno those tees very well....we had so much fun with those tees.....especially the cookie monster 1 with Nick.

  18. NguJaz

    where's the one Pheenix?

  19. GameBoY

    love how the record with hand blends with the Tshirt. *smirk*

  20. Gods Kid Brother


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