How do I upload/post/share my photographs?

Firstly, if you did not recieve and email invite, you cannot (and I repeat) cannot upload/post/share your photographs

Uploading photographs is via invitation, you might argue why do it this way when the web is moving in the direction of anybody and everybody can do upload anything (flickr, facebook, photobucket, zoopy, yadi-yadi-yada)

That's exactly why, a different approach was/is needed to keep the focus on 'photography'.

Secondly, if you have recieved an invitation and accepted it --- you then need to login, and at the top right of this screen you should see your avatar/profile icon/picture --- click on it

You should then see an 'upload' button on the right -- click on that, and bada-bing-bada-bang you are ready to upload.

Oh, only one photograph per day per 'grapher on any day.



What are tags?
  1. I could preach forever for the importance of taggging your photographs, but I am not a dictator, nor am I benevelent.

  2. Long of the short is: tags are keywords (sometimes phrases) YOU use to describe any content: notes, articles, photographs, videos, anything whatsoever

  3. They do not have to systematic, logical or discription, they can be anything you so wish them to be.

  4. In the grand scheme of things tags allow for you, me and everybody else (including search engines) to find and locate similar (and/or) related information.

So, how do I do the right thang?
  1. A tag is any sequence/combination of alphabets (a to z) and any numbers (0-9)

  2. Different keywords need to be comma seperated

  3. The only limitations are: you cannot use any punctuation marks except for: and &

    • Comma seperated: boy, girl, birthday, party, 2008
    • Spaces: earls court, mountain view, johannesburg
    • &: black & white, photography, mom & dad, wedding
  4. Since the first two years of 75, a lot more people are most likely to ask 'where the photograph was taken', so in a way, I'd advise you tag your photography with the geogaphic local it was taken, it is not mandatory, just a tip.

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