Joburg part II...

Joburg part II...

So this is what the thing is. An upside down model of Johannesburg - our city. It hung from a joint in Cape Town named after Joburg.  

08h16 Wednesday
29, August
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  1. rudzani

    I was going to suggest the meaning of this but realised in time that I am just a small time boy (I have to travel for 2hours to find a Whoolies and a movie theater), what do I know of big city rivalry?

  2. Charlie

    Hey, was at that club and did not even notice that....

    Ironically, Jo'burg was the MOST happening club along long street.....

  3. NguJaz

    probably full of joburgers too

  4. KeKe

    Charlie,Im in cpt and Uyou don't know a thing.The are loads of clubs that rock in long street.You should go to the dirty marvels and tell me how it is!!!

  5. Charlie

    The dirty marvels? Is that also known as Marvel and at the top of long street? Went there too, but it was waaaayyyy too cramped! But the music was good.

    Well, I was only there (CT) for a week in December/January and well Jo'burg just rocked the most time I will atempt to explore more ; )

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