So we tried out the night life the one weekend...Cape Town people seemed real friendly.

On the thursday we went for a coupla drinks at The Gallery - apparently it's supposed to BEE. Had a few drinks and all and all but I was just surprised at how kewl errbody was. You just meet people on the spot and they receive you with open arms.

Got a free round of drinks too and we didn't even kolota anybody. I realise that night that Joburg peops, or maybe the joburg environment is just stuck up. But then again, maybe I was a little bit more open cause I was on holiday so I pulled in the right kinda energy. Maybe... 

01h09 Tuesday
28, August
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  1. lebogang nkoane

    I amma spend the whole day trying to figure out what this is.

    Dope, I like a lot.

  2. matome

    I'll go with glitter ball reflected through staggered mirrors.
    As for you missy, I think u had psychedelics vibes going on, thats why the people where reflecting it back to you. i call it the 'out of town syndrome'

  3. NguJaz

    i like the outa town syndrome; and the fragmented glitter ball


    yeah, definetly out of town happens!!
    kinda like ur post 2day hearty...

  4. heartwarmer

    Hee hee, all will be revealed tomorrow.
    Kewl phrase there Matome.

  5. NguJaz

    there's more? what?
    man! you and surprises.

  6. Ovidius Nkoane

    Marilyn Manson would love that,,, just as much as I does. Infact I digz the fact that I don't know what it is. Gothic much?

  7. Stefanie Jason

    dope pic!

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