Games ...

Games ...

This track by Lost Boyz always spoke to me - still one of my all time favourite till today.

You see there's 8 million stories in the spot i'm from
Lb fam never stop 'til the job gets done
Word to moms pay attention to the slang we say
Hot ass grams but it still be them games we play

and ...

I seen mad niggas in the game style
But the key to survival is maintain pal
Yo when i get enough cheese i'm gone
Until then life goes on &on &on &on &on

  1. George Gladwin Matsheke

    Matome said something special on path "I like the retrospective view as you're moving forward" - and he added said "Cracked up as it might be"

  2. twiggle stix

    Is that in the Audi?

  3. Reatile Moalusi

    Cool shot

  4. George Gladwin Matsheke

    @twiggle yeah ...

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