Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

Yo, its a beautiful day, and everybodys feelin wonderful The ladies is out, lookin fly, dressed comfortable love to wake up, and feel the breeze through my window Slip on a fatigues, grab a dutch and roll some indoIt be days like these, that make life so much easier - Dead Prez [Happiness]

Shout out to the beautiful people i was with in Mozambique, you guys made the whole trip worth every moment. *Dont know who took this image

  1. Bareng Rakuba
    Ole, GGM.
  2. yizzi25
    i like the shadow,
    very timed it seems.
  3. Makhaya
    intense. ill.
  4. Khumbelo
  5. twiggle stix
  6. loymad
    Man at work
  7. lwazi hlophe
    I KNOW YOU GETTING FUnNY IDEAS AGAIN CL........ beautiful mood.
  8. noidSyStems
    tooo cool...
    cool shot
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