Black _ out

Black _ out

Had a nice weekend - went to the soweto beach party (its was nice tho) - loved the perfomers and all - S.A has beautiful women out there. Had fun.

*if you listen you get enough time to react to a situation. 

08h11 Monday
01, October
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  1. rudzani

    In a Soweto beach party, what does one do for the sea. In Durban for example, they use the Indian Ocean:-)

  2. George Gladwin Matsheke

    you dance and drink.

  3. NguJaz

    Lol Ru--
    What you do for the ocean, is substitute it for infested water at the edge of an old power plant. With young unbound jugs to stare at & a guzzle of liquour, your mind will be sufficiently distracted from any probable imminent death by electricity or infestation. Problem solved.
    I drove through Old Potch Road very early Sunday morning. Seemed the revellers didn't miss the sea much.

  4. George Gladwin Matsheke

    the thing is im neva going back. Its not a bad thing tho.

  5. Khumbelo

    yeah the party was all good and packed with fine was like the whole world was there...way toooo many thing i know is that i'm not going to the next one and the one after...

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