i like these black jeans _ which is cool.

09h31 Thursday
30, August
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    are u colour blind?!

  1. George Gladwin Matsheke

    no. i know it looks a bit blue _ but thats becoz of the light.
    its actually black

  2. Charlie

    LOL. Well that angle is very deceptive ; )

  3. George Gladwin Matsheke

    hey these jeans are black _ black like me _
    deception is the way forward _ who wants to know the truth.

  4. rudzani

    Strangely, you do have a point: philosophically speaking, what you can not define, you can not say what is it, which means it can potentially be what ever you say it is. How does one describe red to the blind? See?!

  5. George Gladwin Matsheke

    sure ... and what do you mean i don't have a point?

  6. Khumbelo

    Dude, wat's the brown looking thing on your black jeans...? bird shit...?

  7. George Gladwin Matsheke


  8. Khumbelo

    ohh, ok...

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