My _ 1st _ Place

10h01 Friday
29, June
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  1. George Gladwin Matsheke

    im moving _ this weekend.

  2. ªßè®

    I am sad. I have just sent in my resignation letter this morning, hard thing to do neh! I have accepted an offer with an institution in Rosebank.

  3. George Gladwin Matsheke

    yah i feel you _ life is work in progress , jo.
    till you get where - you wanna go. till then life goes on.

  4. noidSyStems



  5. Ovidius Nkoane

    Err,,, uhm? when is like the house-warming party man?

  6. George Gladwin Matsheke

    so we are moving tonite n il be living next to a gym _ and my house mate says them chicks from the gym are hot _ will check it out _ then will invite the neighbors _ then friends _ then other friends _ then friends of other friends that look hotter than the other friends _ and that will be on weekend. Then we all becoome friends _ how do you like thatr

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