Wooden romance

Wooden romance

I am not a fan of Valentine's Day. Its commercial power strips all the nuances of romance from choices that should, in the normal course of events, be spontaneous and sincere. I don't like being told when that should be.

So, I thought I would use a wooden manequin.

Reaching forward to hug nothing. Wooden romance.

Happy Valentine's Day ... <smile> ...

21h36 Monday
14, February
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  1. Tom Stewart

    I'm with you on this one Daz, my sentiments exactly!

    Love the reasoning for the shot :)

  2. Neil Acid


  3. Jeff Rikhotso

    I like the mood.

  4. paralyzer

    cool,i agree with your sentiments on vday too but i find myself be a sheep every year

  5. Renee Everett

    A wooden manequin reaching forward to hug nothing....Sounds rather sad

  6. Daz

    @Renee: You're right. I guess that what's rabid consumerisation and commercialisation suggests to me ... it strips people of their soul. We forget that we need nothing to connect with people, other than a willingness to do so.

  7. Khumbelo

    cool shot!

  8. NguJaz

    sexy time

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