1. Stefanie Jason


  2. NguJaz

    gotta have friends. even the shady kind. who is we without one shady friend?

  3. Bareng Rakuba

    what do u mean Ngu?

  4. ªßè®

    Whats a shady frien Jaz? I hope my friends don't see me as one...

  5. Bareng Rakuba

    *looks @ the pic again and again

    *will edit it when I get home.

  6. NguJaz

    *wonders why i'm the only one with shady friends.
    *going through phone list

  7. ªßè®

    fact is Jaz, I think you went off-beat a bit there, by mentioning the word "shady". It can be misleading, as some people without intend, could tend to think that you relate the potrait characters as such..... We've seen some Diva's b4, and they were aforded a level of recognition and would have thought that the same would apply to everyone else... this could lead us to that content vs context issue!

  8. Bareng Rakuba

    What r u really on about abe?

  9. ªßè®

    1000 apologies Jaz: Clearly I was wrong..
    **Whisks away in shame..

    Your friends look like my friends
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