Spare Parts?

Spare Parts?



I took this on the 3rd of December last year, my brother came running for me to come see…


Whoever was driving left the car there and went. 


The k@k’thing is took the cops almost 6 hours to get there…



  1. Khumbelo


    looks to me like the ride is still fresh [nu]...Eish, Thembisa young boy, why jack the car if you cant drive...?

    alas, lets burn it up...[Pb*]

  2. Makhosini Motha

    Yo yo yo i know this is not a good thing but i would have pimped my golf complete from amaparts aleyo golf mfana. Temping.


  3. legendary


  4. lebogang nkoane

    Hehehe,,, Bafana still can't connect to 75,,, shame.


  5. NguJaz

    so mean lebogang.

  6. George Gladwin Matsheke

    Bafana o needa di spare parts!

  7. Khumbelo

    i'm sure he's chillin at home making a plan for his come back to 75...

  8. Kunta Kinte

    B... isn't this in Mqantsa, just on the main road?

  9. lebo luke warm


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