high times [1]

high times [1]
  1. lebogang nkoane
    Boom! Boom! Boom!
    whatever LN said
  2. lwazi hlophe
    kwazindonga ziyaduma mntwana wami wedelephi na?.


    award wining image.BOW
  3. rangoato hlasane
  4. twiggle stix
    Man, could i have ths shot?
    This is classic..
  5. lebo luke warm
    NICE ONE**
  6. Makhaya
    the best.
    if twiggle gets it...can i also please? =D
  7. caprisel
    this shot is King.
  8. seilatsatsi
    i cosign with erbody??
  9. Kunta Kinte
    awoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... DopeR
  10. Ovidius Nkoane
    Dang mang,,, you came out guns blazing.
  11. Stefanie Jason
  12. loymad
    TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NICE! Best shot of the city on 75. I want it as a mural...

    *LN it would be nice if we could favourite the pixels we're diggin on.
  13. NguJaz
    sheer perfection
  14. yizzi25
    this has to be the "bestest" photo of jozi --- ever!

    AE, this is legendary stuff man! wow!
  15. Khumbelo
    dope dope dope!
  16. Daz
    Jozi, Jozi, Joziiii

    What a great pic of her.
  17. SSM
    Dope photograph &
    all the above.
  18. Uno
    75 is on fire! This one is on my top10, way up there.
    Excelent stuff, made my day!
    love, love, love it.
  19. George Gladwin Matsheke
  20. Nanometa
    my favourate....

    best of the best of city picz...
  21. ntsasa
    @twiggle, makhaya & loymad, NO, you are not getting this image because it's mine.
    I paid for it with my soul...why else to you think AMAKHOSI lost so badly?? i had to give something up for it.
  22. Chwama
    Ayobaness comes to mind. Ziyakhipha!

    *I miss her.
  23. loymad
    @ntsasa... ae called and said you can have your soul back, you came short... hey ae? That's what you said... you said you'd sell it to me, hey.
  24. seilatsatsi
  25. Kunta Kinte
    Ntsasa... LOL @ why else to you think AMAKHOSI lost so badly?? i had to give something up for it. I don't like this pic no more, you made us loose... :-(
  26. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
    Excellent shot!!!
  27. æ
    Thank you all.

    I'm truly humbled by the response.
  28. Morolong
  29. æ
    A day time version:
  30. Max Mogale
    This is without doubt the dopest landscape of JHB I've seen. And correct me if i'm wrong but this pic has received the most love to date on 75. No?
  31. Bareng Rakuba
  32. Bareng Rakuba
    Just needed to see this before I go to bed. Really cant take my eyes off this pic.

    Thanks Ante.
  33. Bareng Rakuba
    75 + Graphers = The Best.
  34. lebogang nkoane
    @Suavé --- I do believe you are right. Even the 75th Robot said it (albeit when it was at 20): http://twitter.com/75/status/1705714383
    *been thinking 'bout something, æ will make the decision on this:

    Err, æ do you have this photograph at quality were one could print it on A4? If so, would you be so kind as to send me mail: hello[at]75.co.za --- the idea is to see what would it cost to print it (and package it), then ship it.

    Then the second thing is, who wants it? I am sure I could build an automated thing, but first we doing it Guerilla‘Grapher -- http://guerrillagrapher.co.za/ -- style, if it works, we automate.

    your thoughts?

    *fingers crossed
  35. Di1
    25 x LOVE!!!!
    ae.... u made history!!! i bow down to u!!
    The Bull

    Wow!!!! City of gold....

  36. Nokulunga Msomi

    wohw!! ah no you killed it, this is BEAUTIFUL,
    indeed you made history

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