Taxi on Long Street

Taxi on Long Street

I was trying to play with light and Bohek

11h27 Friday
20, February
  • love 07
  • switch zoom in/out
  • Canon EOS 20D
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  1. Makhosini Motha
    I like. Tell me Alex where is this?
  2. Alex
    Long street in Cape Town
  3. Khumbelo
    brilliant use of light.

  4. rudzani
    Composed to a T!
  5. Makhosini Motha
    Mhhhhh. I go 2 go. looks like somewhere i been.
  6. lebogang nkoane
    ah, Bohek --- it has been my obsession ever since I got a new lens, I haven't perfected it to the point where it creates emotion, I am learning though.
  7. ntsasa
  8. noidSyStems
    intense ... love god damit im loving it ...
  9. NguJaz
    i think you've managed to capture the essence very well.
  10. Palapala

    Very nice 1

  11. yizzi25

    holy crap!, this is mad coool!!!

  12. Nappy Head

    oh man. high life. night life

  13. Liezle Lynch


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